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Earring Care

Polymer clay earrings are so awesome and unique - but to keep them alive and thriving you should know how to care for them. Here's a few tips and tricks to keep your earrings just as awesome as when you first received them.
✤ Please be gentle with them. I use high quality clay and use my own techniques I have learned through trial and error to ensure their durability - but of course they still have the potential to break if they are not treated correctly. Please do not bend them. 
✤ If your earrings are dirty with makeup, dust, Chic Fil A sauce, whatever the case may be....gently clean them using a makeup wipe. If your brass pieces get dirty or dull - the best option is to use "Brasso" to make them like new. However, you can wipe them down gently with some lemon juice to make them shiny again.
✤ Please try to avoid swimming, showering and sleeping in your earrings. We want them to live long, happy lives and they do best without being submerged. 
I hope these words of wisdom and advice helped and maybe even made you giggle. I hope you love your new earrings - if you do - sharing them on social media helps me immensely. 
Welcome to the Clay and Aloha family - I'm so happy you're here!